el-Rufai & Partners Limited

Past Projects

C. Projects Record

109 The firm has undertaken the Quantity Surveying and Project Management of different kinds of projects, some of which are listed below:



01. First Bank Jos Regional Office 1983 N5.0 million
02. Nigeria Dairies Office, Sokoto 1983 N1.0 million
03. DIC R&D Complex, Kaduna 1983 N2.5 million
04. Allied Bank Area Office, Kaduna 1983 N15.0 million
05. BEWAC Office/Showroom, Kaduna 1984 N0.5 million
06. UBA Area Office, Kaduna 1985 N22.0 million
07. University Press Warehouse, Zaria 1986 N1.9 million
08. Allied Bank Head Office, Lagos 1986 N75.0 million
09. UBA Regional Office, Kano 1986 N50.0 million
10. IBWA Head Office Refurbishment Lagos 1987 N8.0 million
11. FASCOM Showroom/Office, Kaduna 1987 N1.0 million
12. Allens Office/Showroom, Jos 1987 N1.50 million
13. Afribank Regional Office, Kaduna 1988 N35.0 million
14. New Africa Merchant Bank Office Fitting-out at Kaduna and Lagos 1988 N5.0 million
15. Political Party Offices Programme(Pre-Contract QS and Project Management)453 x 2Nr Local Government Headquarters 1988 N1,100 million
16. 21 x 2Nr State Capital Headquarters 1988 N122 million
17. 2nr National Headquarters, Abuja 1988 N55 million
18. Katsina State Secretariat Complex 1988 N250 million
19. NITEL Lagos Island Territory Headquarters 1989 N15.0 million
20. Kaduna State Forestry Management Project(World Bank Assisted) 1989 N10.0 million
21. Allied Bank Jos Area Office 1989 N15.0 million
22. Guinea Insurance Head Office, Lagos 1989 N25.0 million
23. Gamji Bank Head Office, Sokoto 1989 N8.0 million
24. Kaduna State Fourth Secretariat 1989 N150 million
25. Jama’atu Nasril Islam State Capital Headquarter Buildings 22Nr 1989 N40 million
26. NLPD Livestock Service Centres (World Bank Assisted) 8Nr 1990 N30.0 million
27. Office Block for Star Finance & Trust Co. Ltd at Victoria Island, Lagos 1990 N160 million
28. NIDB Head Office at Abuja 1990 N200 million
29. ITF Area Office, Ibadan 1990 N2.0 million
30. NICON Office/Plaza, Kano 1990 N29.0 million
31. NPEC Head Office, Abuja 1990 N75.0 million
32. Habib Bank Central Office, Lagos 1990 N19.0 million
33. Kwara State Liaison Office, Abuja 1991 N40.0 million
34. Kenel Office Development, Victoria Island, Lagos 1991 N15.0 million
35. Ugandan High Commission, Abuja 1991 N10.0 million
36. Sun Insurance Plc Head Office, Lagos 1991 N20.0 million
37. NAPEX Redevelopment, Victoria Island, Lagos 1991 N45.0 million
38. Peoples Bank of Nigeria Network Development:
39. Zonal Office (22Nr) 1991 N296 million
40. Head Office, Abuja 1991 N108 million
41. Chartered Bank Headquarters, Abuja 1991 N50.0 million
42. Fertilizer and Chemical Co. Ltd. Factory and Offices, Abuja 1991 N17.0 million
43. Alpha Merchant Bank Headquarter, Lagos 1991 N145.0 million
44. NDIC Head Office Building, Abuja 1991 N320 million
45. New Africa Merchant Bank Ltd. Head officeBuilding, Abuja 1992 N65.0 million
46. Honda House, Victoria Island, Lagos 1992 N120 million
47. Afribank Limited Head Office Building at Broad Street, Lagos 1992 N370 million
48. Royal Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 1992 N21 million
49. Alpha-Nicon Housing Scheme Lekki, Lagos 1992 N31 million
50. Akinwonmi Pharmaceutical Plant 1992 N50 million
51. Imperial Plaza on Plot 252 Itirin Court, Victoria Island, Lagos 1993 N49 million
52. Habitat Holding Development, Lekki 1993 N100 million
53. Gateway Insurance Plc: Office Development in Abuja 1993 N75 million
54. FCDA 60-Bed Prototype Hospital, Abuja 1993 N120 million
55. PPMC Warehouses (nationwide) 1993 N45 million
56. NITEL Headquarters Building, Abuja 1993 N1.70 million
57. Continental Reinsurance House, Lekki Peninsula, Victoria Island, Lagos 1993 N40 million
58. Federal Civil Service Club, Abuja 1993 N61 million
59. UBA Office Complex, Abuja 1993 N500 million
60. KSL Savings & Loans; National Museum Redevelopment 1993 N70 million
61. NDIC: Lekki Peninsula, Lagos 1993 N200 million
62. National Board for Community Bank Permanent Office, Abuja 1993 N170 million
63. Niger State Trust Fund Secretariat, Minna 1994 N40 million
64. NLPD Service Centres (nationwide) 1994 N70 million
65. Kewalrams Office Development, Marina 1994 N45 million
66. NLPD Office and Staff Housing, Abuja 1994 N150 million
67. Border Control Posts (NLPD) 1994 N190 million
68. Prototype Office Buildings for Office of the Accountant-General of the Federation 1997 N1.5 billion
69. Office Complex for Family Economic Advancement Programme at Abuja 1997 N300 million


01. First Bank Bompai Branch Extension 1982 N0.8 million
02. First Bank Sokoto New Branch 1982 N1.7 million
03. Fola Bank Yola New Branch 1982 N1.3 million
04. First Bank Prototype Rural Branches 1982 N8.1 million
05. First Bank Bauchi New Branch 1983 N1.3 million
06. First Bank Jos Market Branch 1983 N0.5 million
07. Allied Bank Kaduna Branch 1983 N2.1 million
08. First Bank Gombe Branch Extension 1984 N0.4 million
09. UBA Kaduna Branch Extension 1985 N0.3 million
10. UBA Kano Waje Branch 1986 N7.5 million
11. UBA Yola Permanent Branch 1986 N4.0 million
12. UBA Minna Permanent Branch 1986 N4.0 million
13. UBA Victoria Island Branch 1987 N5.5 million
14. IBWA NAL House Fitting-Out 1987 N1.5 million
15. UBA Prototype Rural Branches Phase II(Pre-Contract only) 1988 N10.0 million
16. UBA Amuwo-Odofin Branch and Warehouse Complex, Lagos. 1989 N50.0 million
17. BCCI Maiduguri Branch (Pre-Contract only) 1989 N6.5 million
18. IBWA Ilupeju Branch 1989 N12.0 million
19. Allied Bank Prototype Urban and Rural Branches 1989 N20.0 million
20. UBA Allen Avenue Branch 1990 N15.0 million
21. Peoples’ Bank of Nigeria Branches Development (453Nr) 1991 N420 million
22. Bank of the North. Balogun Branch Refurbishment 1993 N26 million
23. Bank of the North, Abuja Office 1994 N70 million


01. Nigerian Diaries Housing Estates at Sokoto and Kaduna 1982 N1.5 million
02. First Bank Kwairanga Road Redevelopment, Kano 1982 N2.5 million
03. First Bank Rural Branch Manager’s House (Prototype) 1982 N2.0 million
04. First Bank Lodge Road Redevelopment, Kano 1983 N1.1 million
05. First Bank Gashua Manager’s House 1984 N0.3 million
06. NACB Staff Housing in 19 States (Pre-Contract only) 1985 N15.0 million
07. Katsina Steel Rolling Company Staff Housing Scheme (Phase II) 1986 N50.0 million
08. NNDC/Imani Estate, Abuja 1987 N36.0 million
09. Ajaokuta Steel Company Staff Housing Sheme (Phase III) 1987 N20.0 million
10. SSS Flats Abuja (Phase I) 1987 N12.0 million
11. UBA Gerrard Road Redevelopment 1988 N15.0 million
12. NLPD Refurbishment of No. 4 Kashim Ibrahim Road, Kaduna 1988 N0.5 million
13. Katsina Rural Electrification Board Housing Scheme 1989 N10.0 million
14. NITEL Management Staff Housing, Ikoyi, Lagos 1989 N6.0 million
15. UBA Flats, Victoria Island, Lagos 1989 N15.0 million
16. UBA Abdullahi Bayero Road Refurbishment, Kano 1989 N2.5 million
17. UBA Ishaku Road Extension and Refurbishment, Kaduna 1989 N0.50 million
18. NITEL Directors Duplexes, Lagos 1989 N20.0 million
19. NITEL Staff Housing Complex, Abuja
Managing Director’s House 1990 N5.0 million
Management Estate (20Nr) 1990 N65.0 million
Senior Staff (300Nr) 1990 N160 million
20. Allied bank Housing at Lekki 1990 N10.0 million
21. NSPMC Managing Director’s House Refurbishment, Victoria Island, Lagos 1990 N2.0 million
22. Union Bank Junior Staff Housing at Abuja 1990 N6.0 million
23. Nigerian Navy Staff Housing Site Development at Lekki, Lagos 1990 N16.0 million
24. A.G. Leventis & Co. Staff Housing at Abuja 1991 N8.0 million
25. United States of America Staff Housing Complex, Abuja 1992 N300 million
26. Alpha-Imani Joint Venture Speculative Housing Scheme, Abuja 1992 N150 million
27. Waterfront Condominiums at Gerrard Road, Ikoyi 1992 N125 million
28. NBCB Staff Housing, Abuja 1993 N150 million
29. Umaru Dikko, Kaduna 1993 N15.0 million
30. The Agency Staff Housing Projects (NIA) 1993 N300 million
31. Intercity Property Limited, Housing Estate, Abuja 1993 N100 million
32. Prime Estate Limited, Housing Estate, Abuja 1994 N70.0 million
33. Staff Housing for Office of the Accountant-General of the Federation in the States 1997 N600 million
34. Staff Housing for NICON-NOGA Hilton at Abuja 1997 N800 million


01. Henkel Soap and Detergent Factory at Kaduna 1986 N6.0 million
02. Today Newspaper Factory, Kaduna 1986 N1.5 million
03. Capital Grains Processors Factory at Abuja 1986 N70 million
04. Express Airways Aircraft Hanger, Kaduna 1986 N3.5 million
05. Hong-Kong Synthetic Fibre Factory at Ota 1987 N2.5 million
06. Strategic Grains Reserve Silos at Minna 1987 N38.0 million
07. Cotton Ginery for FASCOM at Zaria 1988 N5.0 million
08. Pacific Printers Factory Redevelopment for NSPMC at Ikorodu Road, Lagos 1988 N12.0 million
09. Fruitee Juice Factory at Epe, Lagos 1988 N5.0 million
10. Yellow Fever Vaccines Production Plant for FMH at Yaba, Lagos 1990 N40.0 million
11. Minna Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Factory at Minna 1991 N5.0 million
12. Zaria Water Supply Rehabilitation 1991 N120.0 million
13. Matsirga Dam and Kagoro Water Supply Rehabilitation 1991 N180.0 million
14. Sack Factory at Minna 1991 N5.0 million
15. Catalytic Calc Factory, Kagara 1991 N5.0 million
16. Kaduna State Stadium, Kaduna 1991 N120.0 million
17. Trade Fair Complex Permanent Site, Kaduna 1991 N300 million
18. NOLCHEM Retial Outlet, Marina 1992 N35.0 million
19. New Nigerian Newspapers Limited Factory and Office Abuja 1992 N70.0 million
20. Ink Mill for Tawada Limited (NSPMC) at Abuja 1992 N90.0 million
21. Upgrading and Completion of Trade Fair Complex, Kaduna by PTF 1996 N2.2 billion
22. 2Nr. New Military Barracks and Facilities at Abuja 1997 N16 billion


01. Federal Government College, Zaria 1988 N50.0 million
02. NALPD Training School, Kachia 1988 N6.0 million
03. Jama’atu Nasril Islam Teacher Training Schools (Nationwide) 1990 N30.0 million
04. UBA Training Centre Complex, Kano 1990 N25.0 million
05. ASCON Abuja Campus 1990 N120 million
06. UNAAB Library Complex, Abeokuta 1990 N14.0 million
07. Peoples’ Bank of Nigeria Training Schools (3 Locations) 1991 N75.0 million
08. National War College Complex and Ancillary Facilities, Abuja 1992 N600 million
09. Federal Polytechnic, Ede 1992 N100 million
10. National Teachers Institute, Abuja 1994 N60.0 million
11. National War College Upgrade by FCDA, Abuja 1996 N5.0 billion
12. A.R.T. School for Office of the Accountant-General of the Federation, Abuja 1997 N800 million
13. Rehabilitation of Polytechnics in North-West Zone, Abuja by PTF 1996 N500 million

110 The list above excludes several markets, mosques, clinics, hospitals, schools, laboratories, warehouses, factories, aircraft hangers, departmental stores, shopping centres, hotels, petrol filling stations, club houses and sport centres undertaken for the following clients:

(a) Nigerian Agricultural and Cooperative Bank Ltd (NACB)

(b) Federal Ministry of Defence

(c) Federal Ministry of Education

(d) Federal Ministry of Health

(e) Kaduna Textiles Ltd

(f) University of Sokoto

(g) University of Agriculture, Abeokuta

(h) Bauchi State Government

(i) Sultan Bello Mosque Committee

(j) Kaduna State Housing Authority

(l) AIEP/Dornier Nigeria Ltd

(m) Astra-Arewa Pharmaceuticals Ltd

(n) Funtua & Daura Local Governments

(o) Katsina State Government

(p) Federal Ministry of Agriculture

(q) Federal Ministry of External Affairs

(r) Kaduna State Government

(s) Niger State Government

(t) National Teachers Institute

(u) Palm Line Agencies Ltd

and several other individuals and groups all over Nigeria.