el-Rufai & Partners Limited


By understanding purpose, performance and future use, we bring enduring value to educational environments.

Education’s challenges are always evolving. In many parts of the world, access to primary education is still hampered by poor facilities. Elsewhere, shifts in funding models, advances in technology and new teaching approaches are transforming the criteria for quality in learning environments.

Individual responses

el – Rufai & Partners Limited works closely with educators, funders, architects and developers to produce buildings and technical solutions that meet their specific needs in primary, secondary and higher education.

Our clients’ requirements range from energy strategies that conserve scarce resources to flexible spaces that can be adapted to future needs. Our wealth of international experience – commercial, creative and technical – allows us to respond to even the most specialised of challenges.

Facilities that perform

Performance is multi-faceted. In education, it is essential that facilities are cost-effective to build, run and maintain. It is also important that buildings are engaging, pleasant environments, equipped with quality systems, that help institutions attract and retain students and staff.

Looking forward

We helps education clients develop far-sighted responses to emerging challenges – from tackling increased competition for revenue streams to planning IT and communications infrastructure for virtual classrooms.