el-Rufai & Partners Limited

Hotels and leisure

We bring focus to people, place and performance in hotel developments worldwide.

For guests, a hotel offers an experience as well as a place to rest. Equally, a hotel is a workplace, and often a stimulus to local prosperity. Where hotels meet leisure, retail and luxury living, they also become social and entertainment hubs.

In all roles, a hotel is a business – one that must engage with its guests and staff, as well as its community and environment, in order to thrive.We support hotel and leisure clients by creating distinctive, responsive developments that serve high-performing and resilient businesses.

Stronger businesses

We help strengthen performance in hotels and leisure complexes. Our solutions meet the expectations of guests – on a scale from comfort to five-star luxury and beyond – while striving to be lean, efficient and resource-light in construction and operation.

Our structural and lighting specialists instil wonder with stunning forms, façades and displays. The visual impact of buildings can reinforce the imprint of a global brand, or set a boutique hotel apart. This is well appreciated by clients who come  for reinvention through building retrofits,