el-Rufai & Partners Limited

Office complexes and public buildings

As a trusted partner in commercial property globally, we have helped define the skylines of our cities and the quality of urban living and working environments. Our work continues to evolve with the changing aspirations and challenges of developers, owners and occupants.

To lift the competitive performance of a building project, or to help it find funding in tough markets, we combine commercial, design and technical expertise. And whether for mission-critical data centres or security-sensitive financial headquarters, we stay at the forefront of technological change.

el-Rufai & Partners has become a trusted partner to public bodies in infrastructure, water and waste management systems, and civil engineering projects of all kinds, worldwide. Our approach is integrated and comprehensive. We contend with every complexity of public undertakings from business cases to environmental management, and from public safety to stakeholder engagement.


Anticipate and adapt

As city populations grow in density worldwide, the way we use our buildings is changing. Property developers are seeking structurally efficient solutions that open up more usable floor space and draw greater potential from available land.

Commercial developers continue to find multi-faceted value in mixed-use building projects that combine spaces for working, living, retail, hotels and leisure.