el-Rufai & Partners Limited

Science and Industry

We help industry, science and technology providers to evolve with confidence.

We work with many of the researchers, technology providers and industries that are transforming our world. Their requirements are diverse, specialised and highly complex.

Our rare mix of niche technical capability, design and commercial skill equips us to provide flexible, comprehensive services, whether for data centres or science or manufacturing facilities.

Whatever the context, we help clients adapt to their evolving challenges. We can produce lean, resilient assets and operations, or solutions that face up to uncertainties – from climate change to future markets.

Industry: fine-tuning solutions

We can help streamline operations and lift productivity in mature markets. Or, where new markets are emerging, we can deliver major projects that meet demand and adapt to growth.

e-Rufai & Partners provides solutions for manufacturing plants, industrial processes, distribution centres and logistics, as well as specialised services including seismic design and sustainability consulting. Our comprehensive skills equip us to engineer a facility as well as its utilities.

Science: facilities for the future

Laboratories are becoming more flexible and digitally connected. The future of science facilities is also being shaped by the growing pressures of commercial and environmental sustainability.

Our clients in science span academic, institutional and corporate sectors. We carry best practice from sector to sector to help clients create more cost-effective, sustainable and adaptable facilities.