el-Rufai & Partners Limited

Brief History

el-Rufai & Partners Ltd was first registered in 1982 as a partnership of Chartered Quantity Surveyors. As the firm grew in size and scope of services the need arose to restructure it as a private limited liability company. The firm mainly renders consulting services in quantity surveying, building and engineering construction cost management and project management. The firm has by means of organized training and continuing professional development built up its competencies and scope of services to include management consultancy, computers and telecommunications, and environmental management. It has since matured into a multi-disciplinary consultancy services provider to almost all sectors of the economy.

The company employs the most modern computer technology, especially software, for almost every project task. As far back as 1988 the firm had promoted the idea of a paperless office where all project data, information and documentations including bid documents are stored on disk thus eliminating the clumsiness of piles of project paperwork and project files.

For engineering projects of enormous scope and complexity (such as oil installations) the firm’s strategy is usually to resort to joint ventures with foreign technical partners of proven track record.

The firm has a rich track record having provided comprehensive quantity surveying and project management services on building and engineering projects of diverse design, scope, complexity and procurement method including office blocks, highrises, medium and large scale housing, bank buildings, academic buildings, factories and warehouses, religious buildings, roads and culverts, sewage treatment plants, water supply and pipelines (see page 1 under the project profile for a resume of the firm’s projects). The resume of projects shows that the firm has managed projects of value totaling over N12billion since its inception.

The firm has a wholly owned subsidiary under the same management ‘DESIGN COST ASSOCIATES’ which undertakes feasibility studies, project management and procurement consultancy services in addition to traditional quantity surveying.

Resume of Core Competencies/Services

Building and Engineering Construction Cost Estimates and Budgets

Cost Planning, Cost Management and Cost Control of Building and Engineering Projects

Tender Documentation including Preparation of Bill of Quantities for Building Works, Civil Engineering Works and Industrial Engineering Works.

  1. Project Management in the Property and Construction Industry
  2.  Management of Tendering Procedure and Contractual Arrangements
  3.  Appraisal of Tenders/Bids
  4.  Feasibility and Viability Studies
  5.  Compensation bases and Assessment
  6.  Investment Appraisal, Performance Measurement and Analysis
  7.  Property Funding and Financing
  8.  Valuation of: Building Works, Engineering Works, Plant and Machinery and Business
  9.  Insurance/Replacement Cost Valuation
  10.  Advice on Procurement Methods
  11.  Contract Administration – including Traditional Contracts, Package Deal, Design-and-Build, Turnkey Contracts, Construction Management and Cost Management Contracting
  12.  Life Cycle Cost Studies
  13.  Industrial Engineering: Cost Control and Administration
  14.  Budgetary Control of Engineering Services in Buildings
  15.  Facility Management
  16.  Management Consultancy
  17.  Management Contracting

Details on any of the above services will be made available on request.

As a firm of Chartered Quantity Surveyors, we have the additional capacity and capability to provide the services listed in the RICS publication `Services obtainable from the Chartered Quantity Surveyor.